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Top 5 Must Have's for Dogs on board.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Safety should be the number one priority when boating with your dog.

Did you know, dogs can suffer from burns and even skin cancer? Every year the sun gets stronger and we must pay special attention to our skin and our dogs as well.

All Aboard..... Woof!

Nothing compares to the unconditional love of our fur babies. If you've ever said: “My dog ​​is part of the family”…. Welcome to the pack!

You are excited to spend time on the boat and of course your best friend wants to go with you, however before bringing your dog on board it is necessary to have dog-friendly accessories in hand for their enjoyment, comfort and safety.

Most dogs love the water and that's why here we recommend 5 must have accessories for all Boating-Dog.

"If I jump in now does that count as my bath this month?

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1. PFD's (Personal Floatations Device or Lifejacket)

For most of us, our dogs are part of the family… with that said… safety first! For those people who say: "All dogs know how to swim"... of course, it is common to think that all dogs know how to swim and stay afloat without problem, the truth is that not all have the same ability, some dogs are born swimmers, others prefer their paws firm on the ground. And, even if your dog loves to swim, it's a good idea to put them in a life jacket. The life jacket provides visibility, rescue handle and support for buoyancy.There's a wide variety of dog-lifejackets on the market, with multiple colors to choose from and sizes. We recommend vests with bright colors, light reflectors and rescue handles so you can get the dog out of the water more easily and also, when you are inspecting a dog lifejacket, look at the seams around the handle for reinforced stitching and where possible, try the jacket on your dog. The Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket is a high-performance dog flotation device for boating, water sports, the beach, the pool, and other water adventures with dogs.

2. Water Bowl

The Caribbean sun can be very intense, so it is important for you to bring fresh water and a bowl for your dog to drink from on board. Bodies of water such as the sea, lakes or rivers can harbor organisms that cause diseases just like hot water and of course, we want to avoid getting our Boating-dogs sick at all costs, that is why it is best for them to drink fresh water, not too cold nor too hot. If you think you'll be out boating all day, bring dog-food and bowl for it as well, im sure your best friend will appreciate treats and snacks during the day. We recommend the YETI water bowl, it holds eight cups of refreshing water and tasty treats, incredibly durable, easy to clean and resistant to rust.

3. Water-friendly Dog Toys

The same way that we bring music, beach-set up and paddles for humans to enjoy on the shore or in the sea, our puppies also need entertainment for their happiness and well-being. There are a variety of toys to choose from...floating toys, toys that stay under water and/or can be thrown from a distance for the dog to search for. Nobody like the owner of the pet to know exactly what will make its tail wag. We recommend red, white or bright colored toys which usually stand out with the blue waves. Also, throw in some prize to reinforce their good behavior. We recommend Chuckit! and Hyper Fetch great for dogs who love to play in the water, the highly buoyant design floats on water making it perfect for the pool or sea.

This is so much better than going to the vet!!!

4. Place to Rest and Shade

In the Caribbean it is “Summer All Year Round” and our dogs join in on all our adventures. That is why we invite you to be careful with haircuts, depending on the breed of your dog, some may require long or short hair, the important thing is to know that hair also serves as a blanket for heat. Bring an umbrella or designate a cool, comfortable, sunless spot. Provide shade and protection for their nose, ears, belly and paw pads, be aware of the temperature where they step which can be very hot and can burn their pads. Avoid exposing your pet in the hours when the sun, sand, asphalt is strongest and remember... fresh water! We recommend Pop Up Dog Shelter which provides shade and protection from harmful UV rays, folds flat for easy storage and transport at home or on the go.

5. Sunscreen

Last but not least, we all need protection from the sun on the boat. Did you know that dogs can suffer from burns and even skin cancer? Every year the sun is stronger and we must pay special attention to our skin and our dogs as well. Beware of breeds with white hair, they are especially sensitive to prolonged exposure to sun and can cause skin burns. This is why we recommend sunscreen both for their body and paw pads. We recommend Warren London Premium Dog SunsCreen, which protects from UV rays, dries fast, is non-toxic, lick-proof when dry and has natural moisturizing with aloe vera.

Get Ready!

We all value healthy, active outdoor playtime and It’s important to have every confidence that our fur babies are as safe as can be.

As you can see, there are a few considerations to ensure your dog is safe on your boat. We all value healthy, active outdoor playtime and it’s important to have every confidence that our fur babies are as safe as can be. Perhaps at first, on short trips, you will not need all these accessories but as you spend more time on the boat with your dog, they will surely be very practical. Once you have the equipment ready, it's just about enjoying, creating more memories and adventures together! Make sure to visit our Boating Pets Blog for more tips and products for pets in this fascinating world of boating in the Caribbean.

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