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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Join us and take your boating experience to a VIP level.

Are you a boat owner?

Are you tired of maintenance expenses, care and marine repairs? Have you canceled a summer vacation on the boat, because the air conditioning wasn't working? Do you live more than a few hours away from where you keep your boat? Surely it has happened, just when you really want to use your boat, something's broken and you waste more time trying to fix things than enjoying it. If you answered Yes to any of these, we have a solution, we present you our Boat Management Program.

What is the Management & Charter Program about?

See your boat as an investment rather than an expense. Enroll your boat in our fleet, where it will be managed and maintained to the highest standards in the industry. Your boat will produce an extra income, that way, you'll enjoy your boat more without the worry of high cost and expenses.

We provide a team to operate and maintain the vessel. The team usually consists of on board crew who will provide the support needed throughout the entire charter.

The perks of joining the program:

  • Extra Income to Help Cover The Cost Of Marina, Maintenance, Insurance and more.

  • Boat Always Ready To Use

  • Access To Professional Captains & Crew

  • Access to Professional Maintenance

Get Ready to Make Money With Your Boat!

Contact us for more details regarding this business opportunity. Join our fleet by submitting your application. CLICK HERE

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