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  • STRONG & DURABLE: HEGS Clothespins are made from UV stabilized polymers. These heavy duty clothespins are sun and shatter resistant.
  • ANTI-RUST SPRING: HEGS Clothespins use a rust-free stainless steel spring. No more rust marks on your favorite clothing.
  • PIN OR HOOK: HEGS Clothespins are an Award Winning Design featuring integrated hooks. Use HEGS Clothespins to pin your laundry to the line in the traditional way or you can hang garments from them using the Patented Dual Hooks.
  • EASY GRIP: HEGS Clothespins have a large ergonomic grip. Your laundry will stay secure on the line while requiring minimal hand strength to use.
  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN: HEGS Clothespins won a Gold Award in the International Good Design Awards (Housewares & Objects Category)

HEGS Clothespins with Hooks. Heavy Duty Colorful Clothes pins for Hanging and Cl

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